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IBBI work with you to identify and understand your recruitment requirements and naturally provide the best people to comfortably fit into your culture and processes.

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Through our assessment process, our experienced team hand picks the UK's top Building Products, KBB & Construction people, appreciates their career objectives and places them into successful jobs.

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Specialist Recruitment Consultants

So whether you are a client seeking new sales talent for your team, or a candidate seeking progression in your career, contact IBBI for honest professional advice and a guaranteed quality service. We are based in Bedfordshire and cover the whole of the UK.

Our recruitment team consists of professional, focused recruitment consultants rather than high-pressured staff.

Our vision is to continue to offer our clients a valuable and productive Building Products, KBB & Construction Sales recruitment service that works with their own Sales recruitment processes; To communicate on our clients wavelength, maintain our excellent value and to make the sales recruitment process as easy for our clients as possible.

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Specialist Recruiting Services
Why spend the time of ploughing through hundreds of job applicants CVs? Most of which are totally unsuitable for the jobs advertised. Our technique means we get the right people from the outset. The candidates with the right attitude; Those that radiate success; Those that clients would be unlikely to find otherwise.

Building & Construction Recruitment

All Building Products and Construction jobs require passionate, secure and driven candidates, qualities which we reflect in the service we provide. Assisting our clients with their Recruitment processes flows naturally at IBBI with our fully vetted network of Construction, Building Products, KBB and Sales professionals to fill YOUR Sales jobs.

If you are a Construction Sales professional wanting to move to a better career, contact a company that has your best interests at heart but also has the best selection of Sales opportunities with the Country's leading Construction employers. IBBI specialise in KBB, Building Products, Interior Products and Construction Sales recruitment across the UK and are based in Bedford, Bedfordshire. For a full list of our Sales jobs click this link.